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Block Diagram

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Design Considerations


TMS320C54x™ DSPs



  • 100% code-compatible with C5000 devices

  • 16-bit, fixed-point DSPs with power dissipation as low as 40 mW

  • Single and multi-core products delivering 300-532 MIPS

  • Three power-down modes

  • Integrated RAM and ROM configurations

  • Ultra-thin packaging

Audio Power Amplifier



  • Efficient Class-D operation

  • Only three external components (TPA2005D1)

  • Internal gain (TPA3007D1: 12, 18, 23.6, 36dB) Independent gain control ('2005D1)

  • THD+N = 0.2% at 1kHz; PSRR = -73 dB ('3007D1) & -75dB ('2005D1)

Touch Screen Controller



  • Integrated 4-wire touch screen controller

  • Highly programmable

  • Direct battery measurement

  • Stereo audio DAC with 48ksps sampling rate

  • SPI interface

Audio DAC



  • Accepts 16- to 24-bit data; Left, Right I2S Format; wide sampling frequency   - 5kHz to 200kHz

  • Hardware controlled

  • THD+N = 0.02%, Typical

Sitara Cortex™-A8 features:



  • Powerful ARM® Cortex™-A8 up to 1GHz operation

  • Inegrated memory

  • Wide peripheral set includes:UART, SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet

  • Display support


Audio Power Amplifier



  • Eliminates need for heat sink

  • Reduces board space

  • Minimizes noise

  • Excellent audio fidelity

Touch Screen Controller



  • Fully automated modes of operation

  • Controls resolution, speed, timing & averaging

  • Monitors battery voltage

  • High-quality audio playback

  • Direct serial bus connection to controller

Audio DAC



  • Flexible interface to processor

  • Simplifies system design

  • Minimizes noise

Sitara Cortex™-A8 leverages:



  • ARM® Cortex™-A8 core optimized for low power consumption  solutions

  • Production-ready reference platforms

  • StarterWare, Mainline Linux;

Reference Designs



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