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Published in 2016-04-23 16:16:07       

2016.04.23 update.

CM335X reference design: RGB to HDMI  design based on TI AM3358 CM335X core module.

The CM335X is a core module based on the TI’s Sitara AM335X Cortex-A8 processor. The core module is Measured only 67.6mm by 36.5mm, integrates 512MBytes DDR3 SDRAM and up to 8GBytes eMMC flash.

TDA19988 is a very low power and very small size High-Definition Multimedia Interface
(HDMI) v. 1.4 transmitter. It is backward compatible DVI 1.0 and can be connected to any
DVI 1.0 and HDMI sink.

【Download schematic】:CM335X_RGB TO HDMI

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